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Your development project is in good hands with us. We work with you to ensure the smooth development and production of your drive solution. We can draw on the experience of countless projects.


Competent product advice

Our technical consultants provide you with individual support and many years of expertise in selecting and modifying standard products from our product and partner range.


Explosion protection

If required, we can ensure conformity with the ATEX Directive in accordance with EC Directive 2014/34/EU and other international protection classes (UL, CCC, etc.) as the development and design of your drive solution are underway. Our technical staff undergo regular and comprehensive training so that we can ensure compliance with regulations in this area.



Drive solutions from Drumag are used in the most adverse environmental conditions. That is why we attach the utmost importance to being able to meet your requirements for weather protection classes in accordance with DIN EN 60529:2014-09 IP. We draw on the experience gained from numerous projects.

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RIBA proportional controller

HYDAIRA hydraulic cylinders

Miniature hydraulic cylinders - Flyer

Closed and open hydropneumatic drive systems

speedPOWER - Press cylinder

Electric drives

Electric cylinder RCP5

Micro-cylinder RCD

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Type RF020 - Precision Flow Regulator

Type RF100 - Precision Flow Regulator

Type RM100 - Master Precision Pressure Regulator

Type RP020 - Precision Pressure Regulator

Type RP200 - Precision Pressure Regulator

Type RP201 - Precision Pressure Regulator

Type RP300 - Precision Pressure Regulator

Type RP500 - Precision Pressure Regulator

Type RS100 - Precision Positioner

Type RS200 - Precision Pressure Regulator

ZAR series - 63 bar standard cylinder

ZHSS series - 400 bar clamping cylinder

ZU 250 series - 250 bar hydraulic cylinder

ZU series - 100 bar universal cylinder

Throttle valve 1251/2

Throttle check valve 1251/5

Rotary actuator DSO-HPE

HPE hydropneumatic feed unit

HPL-C hydropneumatic feed unit

HPU pressure intensifier

Stream valve HPV-3

HPW pressure transducer

HPZL hydropneumatic cylinder

Oil brake cylinder P40

Guide units J1/J3/J5/J6

Rodless cylinders S

Rodless cylinders VL1

Compact cylinder RP/RO

Compact cylinder RS/RQ

Short-stroke cylinder W

Microcylinder M

Oval cylinder OV

Pneumatic cylinder accessories

Pneumatic cylinder accessories S/VL

Two- and three-stage telescopic cylinders RT

Cylinder K/KD

Pneumatic cylinder mounting variants

Valves and solenoid valves Series AE E G CH F

Electrovalves manifold 5/2, 5/3, 3/2 + 3/2 way series ComboBox series PS

Threaded connection valves MIXED 5/2 DN 6 ÷ 15 AC series

Threaded connection valve UNIVERSAL 3/2 - 5/2 - 5/3 DN 6.5 ÷ 8.5 Series CL/CM

Microvalves 15 mm Series A

Miniature pilot valves 2/2 - 3/2 Series AA/AB

Nanovalve 10 mm Series B

Seat valves for compressed air and vacuum 2/2 - 3/2 Series AF/AG

Valves ISO 5599/1 DN 8÷19 Series BE/BE12

Oil-free piston compressors

Oil-free piston compressors mounted on compressed air tanks

Oil-free diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps, built-in models MOA, MAA

Oil-free diaphragm compressors mounted on compressed air tanks

Oil-free diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps, built-in models DOA ...

Oil-free rotary compressors and vacuum pumps

Oil-free wobble piston compressors and vacuum pumps, built-in models

Oil-free diaphragm pumps for pressure/vacuum, built-in models

Pressure build-up valve E18/28

Combinations C08/18/28 D08/18/28

Compressed air regulator R08/18/28

Safety shut-off valve V08/18/19/28/29

Compressed air filter F08/18/28, fine and ultra-fine filter M08/18/28

Filter/regulator B08/18/28

Combinations C08/18/28 D08/18/28

Compressed air oil nebuliser L08/18/28

Pressure control valve R09/19

Distribution blocks N08/18/28/38

Compressed air regulator R00

Compressed air regulator R00

Compressed air dryer MSD series

SDAT series compressed air dryers

X-Series compressed air dryer

Air motors

Air motors with planetary gearbox

Air motors with worm gear

Air motor system 8 AM

Air motor system 4 AM

High-performance silencer series B/P

Filter silencer F23/33

Operating instructions Hydropneumatic feed unit HPE

Operating instructions Hydropneumatic feed unit HPL-B/C

Operating instructions for hydropneumatic cylinders HPZS

Operating instructions for pneumatic/hydropneumatic cylinders PZS/HPZL

Operating instructions for hydraulic cylinders ZAR, ZU, ZISO/T, ZU250, ZHSS

Operating instructions for pneumatic cylinders ZLA

Operating instructions for locking cylinder ZLVS

Operating instructions for rotary actuators DSO

Operating instructions for rotary actuators DSO-HPE

Operating instructions for pressure intensifier HPU

Operating instructions for pressure medium converter HPW

Operating instructions for dryer SAT

Operating instructions for SDAT

Operating instructions for air motors

Operating instructions for planetary geared motors

Operating instructions for worm geared motors

Operating instructions for helical geared motors

Operating instructions for RM 100

Operating instructions for RM 100 with booster

Operating instructions for RP 201

Operating instructions for RP 500

Operating instructions for RS 100 with actual value transmitter

Operating instructions for RS 200

Operating instructions for RS 200 with actual value transmitter

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