Whether linear or radial, whether pressure, speed or different media: we implement drive solutions according to your ideas and specifications in order to fulfill movement tasks as efficiently as possible.

Power and pressure

Pressure intensifiers ensure - as the name suggests - the pressure transmission, e.g. from pneumatics to hydraulics, and the realisation of high forces with regular pneumatic working pressure (6 bar).

Centrifugal forces

Pneumatic cylinders ensure precise movement and holding or powerful clamping of workpieces under the influence of high centrifugal forces.

Speed and positioning

Hydropneumatic synchronised cylinders with and without transmission ensure extremely slow speeds (0.001 mm per second) and precise positioning (0.02 mm) of feeds with wear of materials and stops (centering clamping).

Efficiency with high-quality media

Stroke rotary cylinders ensure contoured and dead space-free opening and closing of flaps for efficient emptying of containers with high-quality media (powder, viscous/high-viscosity liquid).

High temperatures

Our high-temperature cylinders and toggle clamps are used for reliable clamping of workpieces and tools at high ambient/working temperatures (up to 300° C) in the foundry or polymer industry.

Environmental and mechanical influences

Pneumatic uncoupling cylinders and actuating cylinders provide for
reliable actuation, unlocking or decoupling under extreme environmental influences (low temperatures and corrosion) as well as mechanical influences (vibration, acceleration forces).


Application Movement

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