In harmony between measurement and movement, our drive solutions control feeds, forces and volume flows efficiently and precisely.

Installation space and power transmission

Our hydropneumatic cylinder ensures a variable transmission and adjustment ratio as well as automatic readjustment of the power transmission and position. This ensures efficient use of the available installation space by changing the direction of force while maintaining a consistently high level of power transmission.

Volume flows and time required

With the RIBA pressure regulator, high volume flows can be controlled at high pressures within a very short time. This also includes switching between positive and negative pressure (vacuum).

Angle of attack and fail-safe environment

An actuating cylinder with control cabinet regulates the volume flow with high precision: through a variable angle of attack and cross-section of guide vanes on compressors and turbines - also taking into account fail-safe conditions.

Operational automation: IO Link, digital, analogue

The RIBA proportional controller allows flexible transmission technology (mechanical and wireless) for controlling media control (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric) of pressures and positions.

Viscous media and power transmission

For example, our rotary actuator regulates the flow behaviour of viscous drilling emulsions to control the direction of a drilling unit with maximum power transmission in the extraction of raw materials.


Application Regulation

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