Railroad technology

Transport policy measures not only focus on the use of rail passenger transport due to its lower greenhouse gas emissions (approx. 1/5 compared to cars) ), but also on freight transport for manufacturing companies that are planning to obtain ISO 14064 certification in the near future. Moreover, some countries are planning to implement a partial ban on short-haul flights and the use high-speed trains.

Electric motors for rail functions

The second phase of the Digital Rail Germany initiative launched in 2020 with the buzzwords ETCS, DSTW and iLBS means more and more electronics both in the “rolling stock” and in the infrastructure. Added to this is the demand for greater comfort by rail travelers. This is why certain functions in systems that were previously purely mechanical are now implemented using electric motors.

Arrive relaxed with comfortable seat settings

On Italian trains, the premium class features adjustable seats that are unique in terms of the feel of the controls for electrically adjusting the backrest and leg rest. The software even has a safety function: the control algorithm detects trapped bags on the floor, for example, if the current consumption of the low-noise DC geared motors deviates too much from the stored characteristics.

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