Medical and
laboratory technology

In addition to the shortage of skilled workers, another issue dominating the medical technology sector is the increasing number of previously unknown diseases. This had led to the demand for the fastest and most accurate diagnosis possible as well as for optimized technical support in laboratory technology - insofar as this is qualitatively and economically feasible.

Because know-how is in demand

Whether it is pulsed light sources, traction drives for mobile racks or the control of drives in semi-automated laboratory equipment, EPH's power electronics combined with fast microcontrollers for digital control algorithms and communication interfaces have become indispensable.

Vibration diagnosis. For healthy voices.

An examination of the vocal cords can be carried out by phonation into a microphone, an evaluation unit of the sound frequencies and a downstream pulsed cold light source. This stroboscope, which is inserted into the nose or throat using a fiber optic cable, is used to diagnose sick people, but also to determine the condition of an opera singer's voice before his or her big performance.

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