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1Q transistor speed controller type DLS 24/xx-460

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1Q transistor speed controller type DLS 24/xx-460

The DLS 24/xx-460 Series transistor speed controllers are digital compact devices for stepless, load-independent speed control of brushed DC motors with a motor current of up to max. 20 A. The input voltage range is 12 – 36V DC, optionally up to 48V DC is possible. Stepless speed control can be realized either via an internal or external potentiometer or an external reference voltage of 0 – 5V DC or 0 – 10V DC. The motor power can be steplessly limited using an internal potentiometer as overload protection.


  • High pulse frequency of approx. 23 kHz allows for a quiet operation
  • 8-bit processor
  • Speed control range 1:30 with EMF and IxR compensation
  • EMK feedback system with I×R compensation
  • Controller enable – input for activating the output stage
  • Speed specification via 0 – 5V DC or 0 – 10V DC interface or potentiometer (external or internal)
  • Motor overload protection through internally adjustable current limitation


Technical features

  • Input voltage 12 – 36V DC
  • Up to 20 A motor current
  • Speed control range 1:30 with EMF and IxR compensation


  • Sheet metal cover
  • Snap mechanism for 35 mm mounting rail
  • Ref. value potentiometer 1 gear or 10 gears
  • Switch-mode power supply: SNT24/xx Series; input voltage 115/230 V / AC 50/60Hz
  • Protection class: IP 00 (can be realized up to IP65 on customer request)



  • Circuit board design: 100 × 80 × 35 mm (L × W × H)
  • Housing design: 118 × 120 × 46 mm (L × W × H)
  • Connection: 10-pole spring-loaded terminal strip


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