Custom solutions

Flexible, innovative
and customized

Engineering at EPH

We place an emphasis on functionality, design and mechanics in both the development and production phases and aim to fulfill your needs as cost-effectively as possible. Our services range from hardware and software development, housing design and mechanical integration to prototype construction and series production.

Circuit technology and power electronics

Where currents in the range of several amperes are switched, special requirements apply to components such as power diodes, IGBTs, MOSFETs or contactors and relays. For this, we develop highly functional and efficient layouts - also with a view to the manufacturing and soldering process.

Housing technology and design

Our services include the development and realization of design proposals, the construction of housings on modern 3D systems and the production of prototypes. The high-quality plastic or metal housings are characterized by their functional and attractive design.

Assemby reengineering

We can also modernize older electronic assemblies or modify them so that they can be manufactured more cost-effectively.

We are your specialist partner

From prototype to series production

As a function specialist for control, dosing or motion tasks for device, apparatus and system manufacturers, we offer exactly what you need: a smooth path from development to production.

Customized power and drive electronics

EPH Elektronik develops customized solutions - from the circuit board to the finished control unit including housing, operating elements, display and all necessary licences and certifications: We are the partner at your side. From the initial idea to series production - everything from a single source.

EMS services

Our services


More than just assembly

The production of electronic systems and assemblies at EPH goes far beyond mere PCB assembly: Our services range from coating, potting and attaching pre-assembled cables to the assembly, to installation in housing with buttons, joysticks and displays, to labeling, packaging and logistics.


Complexity, scope and volume

Depending on your individual requirements, EMS at EPH is geared toward your financial success: Our expertise in production technology helps to reduce production costs and to implement and develop future-proof products right from the start.


High Mix - Low Volume

We specialize in small to medium quantities of a wide variety of PCB assemblies and production lines with short set-up times. We implement product adaptations and changes quickly and without the red tape in the series production process while maintaining consistent quality.

SMD assembly

The production lines consist of several modern, flexible Mycronic placement machines with the corresponding SMD towers, jet printing and dispensing systems, stencil printers, AOI systems and soldering ovens. This machine configuration enables short set-up times, so that even small and medium quantities can be produced cost-effectively.

Thin-film coating

Our inline coating system automatically coats the assembled PCBs completely or partially. A thin-film coating on printed circuit boards serves as protection against corrosion and is often used for outdoor applications.

THT assembly

The production line consists of semi-automatic placement stations and a wave soldering system. If required, we can also solder manually in accordance with the IPC-A-610 standard. This is because older assemblies without the option of changing the layout sometimes cannot be soldered fully automatically.

Electronic assembly potting

It is used, for example, as protection against vibration, to increase the heat dissipation capacity, as protection against contact with the electronics, for safety reasons or also in EX areas (explosion-proof). Our production capacity includes both 1K- & 2K casting and low-melt casting processes.

We are happy to be the partner at your side

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