Valves and solenoid valves - Series AE E G CH F

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Valves and solenoid valves - Series AE E G CH F

These valves, which are manufactured in large quantities, have met with widespread approval from our customers: in fact, the long-proven internal gate valve/seat system that enables the use of special compounds for the seals and the advanced technology that allows the valve body to be made of lightweight material (plastic) ensure a long service life, high switching speed, high flow rate and oil-free operation at extremely competitive prices. In cases where there are no specific regulations, it is recommended to opt for this valve series with base plate mounting. The diagram below illustrates the features of the valve: multiple functions thanks to the use of specific seals; the option of switching from electric to pneumatic mode by replacing the electric cover with the pneumatic one. The diagram also shows the reversal of the control (12) and reset (14) positions and the need to use the screw to close the vent hole if the reinforced control piston is not used.


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