10 mm Nanovalves - B Series

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10 mm Nanovalves - B Series

With their compact dimensions, the nanovalves are the smallest 3-way solenoid valves produced by UNIVER. The valve body is made of thermoformed technopolymer; these valves are designed to send pneumatic commands and receive electrical signals directly from a PLC or from other integrated control systems; normally these valves are used to control valves with a greater flow rate, but they can also be used to directly control single-effect micro-cylinders of Ø 8 ÷ 12 mm; in this case they are mounted in series on base plates. These valves are connected to an interchangeable U04 coil, which is attached to the valve body with a snap-on clip and can be rotated by 180°. Response times can be significantly reduced with the electronic command feature. B Series 10 mm nanovalues are used in many industrial sectors for a wide range of applications, such as in textile machines, filling machines in the pharmaceutical industry and automatic supply machines.


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