COMBOBOX valves 5/2, 5/3, 3/2 + 3/2 way - PS Series

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COMBOBOX valves 5/2, 5/3, 3/2 + 3/2 way - PS Series

The new ComboBox valves are the result of long reflections regarding the requirements of the modern user, today’s market and the increasing demand for improved ergonomics and environmental protection. The combination options available with the new ComboBox series are impressive; valves with different functions, controls and pressure ranges, including vacuum, can be housed in the same battery (2 to 20 valves); different types of intermediate and end plates can also be inserted and cabling with loose ends, plug-in or series connections can be used. Safety and reliability are the two key priorities. These valves are IP 65 certified and produced with materials that comply with the latest safety standards; they are designed to achieve at least 50 million cycles, with or without lubrication. The ComboBox valves from UNIVER fully satisfy the current market demands.


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