Expertise and careful planning are required in order to work efficiently with actuators and drives in complex applications. The aim of the movements in such applications is to meet is the operator’s expectations as best as possible.


Speed and positioning

Hydropneumatic synchronized cylinders with and without transmission ensure extremely slow speeds (0.001 mm per second) and precise positioning (0.02 mm) of feeds due to material abrasion and stops (centering clamping).


Adverse conditions

Customized valves and the servo-pneumatic positioning system allow precise and reliable control of the movement sequences when forming viscous/highly viscous substances under extreme temperature and environmental influences.


Environmental influences and mobile use

Electro-pneumatic unlocking cylinders and pneumatic actuating cylinders realize smooth-running movements at low pressures, which couple and uncouple two components as safety elements in vehicle construction through a linear transfer of force - no matter how demanding the application.

EPH Elektronik

Speed and flexibility

We have developed a customized drive controller including connection cables and battery pack with charging technology for a customer. It realizes variable speeds through stepless speed control of a DC motor for the movement and flexible positioning of a ChainLance of the battery-operated, mobile strapping tool.

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