Tailor-made measuring systems provide repeatedly accurate measurement results. In optimized processes, they guarantee control, efficiency and security that can help increase the overall performance of a system.


Accuracy and reliability

RIBA pressure regulators and our actuating cylinders ensure precise target/actual comparisons and the readjustment of positions, pressures and volume flows in differential pressure testing devices in filling technology and turbine technology.


Precision and process reliability

Diaphragm seals, pressure gauges and sensors are used for highly sensitive monitoring, feedback and regulation of pressure conditions by measuring various media when mixing gases and liquids - even in explosion-proof rooms (control device and valve with ATEX testing).


Pressure conditions and volume flows

Their testing ensures optimum viscosity, quantity and mixing ratios in the production of plastics and adhesives. An IO-Link transmits the results from sensors to an automation system (products: flow meters, differential pressure flow meters, sensors).

EPH Elektronik

Precision and variability

The customized PCBs for LED lighting and camera control enable the realization of high-precision image and measurement results. The geometrically undefined objects are detected by defined travel paths of the battery-operated measuring head using a DOGA motor at variable speeds.

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