Energy technology

Climate change and environmental protection are global issues that affect us all. Improved efficiency in drive technology, optimizations in software, electronics, network technology or sensor technology can set the right course when it comes to protecting the environment and restoring damaged ecosystems.

Our expertise benefits our customers - and our environment

As a device, apparatus and plant manufacturer, our focus is not only on digitalization and automation, but also on energy and resource efficiency. This is where we shine as your specialist development partner.

Energy generation for the future

More than ever, avoiding losses is at the heart of energy generation. That's why our actuating cylinders ensure precise control of the volume flow on compressors and turbines through the exact positioning of variable guide vanes.

Smart applied. Optimally dosed.

The issue of efficient dosing in combination with intelligent sensor technology is becoming increasingly important: for example, it can enable battery-operated devices to be used with fewer or more effective substances. Dosing pumps with digitally controlled, efficiency-optimized drive systems can help to achieve an optimal and resource-saving process result.

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