In harmony between measurement and movement, drive solutions control feeds, forces, transmission ratios and volume flows efficiently and precisely. This expands their functionalities and application options.


Installation space and power transmission

Our hydropneumatic cylinder ensures a variable transmission and adjustment ratio as well as automatic readjustment of the power transmission and position. This ensures efficient use of the available installation space by changing the direction of force while maintaining a consistently high level of power transmission.


Volume and timing

Pressure control valves and proportional valves ensure automated volume control within a pressure chamber over a constant period of time (e.g. by a timer) with a release valve when coating surfaces with vaporous or liquid media.


Flow volume, pressure range, temperature requirement

They can be used to achieve dynamic movements and functions of injection molding and laser machines in plastics production and metalworking. This also includes preventing pressure fluctuations and pressure peaks using pressure control valves/proportional pressure control valves.

EPH Elektronik

Long battery life and harsh environmental conditions

The sensor-controlled regulation of a battery-operated DC motor for a hydraulic high-pressure pump meets the requirements for extended battery life (in eco mode) as well as the requirements for the harshest environmental conditions in rescue operations. EPH Elektronik has developed a customized system module with a high degree of protection for this purpose.

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