Dosing systems play an important role in controlling processes and the corresponding tasks. They guarantee high standards of product quality, efficiency and reliability for operation and production.


Small and variable filling quantities

Our dosing cylinder serves the pumping function for filling small quantities of liquid media in batches (batch size 1 possible) with variable filling quantities and container sizes, for example for paint, grease, oil or fuel filling.


Limited installation space

The control valve in one of our custom assemblies allows precise dosing and timing of the flow rate and admixture, blocking or changing the flow direction of gases and liquids using individual shut-off fittings and valves.


Precise and low-loss reproducibility

Valves, cylinders and throttles are used for the precise transmission and control of signals in pneumatic actuators: for the desired dosing of greases and oils as well as to ensure optimum lubrication of mechanical components.

EPH Elektronik

Protection class and precision

A customized motor controller with CAN interface and high protection class doses granular material with high precision depending on the speed. The motor controller is supplied directly from the DC on-board power supply of the driven machine.

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